Saturday, June 25, 2011

Speaking As A Drummer...

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  •    I once needed to brush up  on a tune for a gig, and the tune was called, You can Depend on me. Now,aside from the fact that, different tempo's can do something radically different to a tune, just think of how much better certain shows and even records might have been if there had been a bigger variety of tempos during the proceedings; and i don't mean every possible tempo, just one or two more instead of only one or three during the course of a show. Not that it matters so much, just something i enjoy worrying about personally.
     Ok; Here's a fast instrumental rendition of the song from tennor sax man, Dexter Gordon.

       very excellent, and, even as a drummer, I can't find anything to complain about, with this drummer.  Now that I'm an extremely old and wise 43 years of age, if I wanted to complain I'd say that, though it's A tad long, it makes for excellent listening.
    Listen to this next, a vocal version to get another take, a medium type of groove. This is a nice tempo, though the vocalist, perhaps, better than his band doesn’t seem to wanna be known by last name or something;)

       or whoever posted it was worried about being spanked for stealing the tune from the vocalist, funny either way i'd say. very amusing, I'm very amused:-) if you couldn't tell... He's probably a good singer.
       Then there's Nat King Cole taking it slooow, not painful slow but, just slow enough to be a nice change,

       Maybe this is a good time for me to recommend the Music that Nat recorded during and around 1947, as it's at a level even higher than any of his more famous tunes in my correct oppinion. There are three or so CD's of that, and they are part of a series all titled by the years that the disc covers.
       Tennor Sax man Erick Alexander once did a gig at Blues Alley that was excellent, I'm saying this as someone who was in the audience. However, it seemed as if there were, two different tempos during the entire evening and, though it is hard to complain about that night, that's the one thing that might have helped, just a bit more of a variety in terms of tempo and it would have gone from being a dam good night to being the perfect evening. Or at least that's this drummer's perspective on that very excellent evening..

       Well; I  hope that you enjoyed this as really isn't it always more fun when we can share our love and interests with the world. After all, who has time to know about everything without occasional input from someone else. So You can now consider yourself oficialy encouraged to go out and see somelive jazz, or buy some good recordings and enjoy a night in. Just don't forget to make time to enjoy and support  the jazz that you love, whatever that means for you.
    Suggestions for purchasing Drums and more:

    if your able to visit upper Marlboro MD, it maybe worth the trip to visit David at
    East Coast Drums
    he's got a great sellection of drums and more and the service is first rate.
       OH and, let me suggest that, when it comes to music supplies and new instruments, you check out Chuck Levins, also known as The Washington Music Center at the link below as that's where i go to buy my music supplies. Located in Wheaton MD, they just are where it's at when it comes to a selection of new instruments, repairs, adn and supplies. And, as a matter of fac, they're so big that, they even sell to other stores at times. And They're a family owned business, which i often prefer.

       However, for used instruments, You should check out Atomic Music. I currently own and play some drums and cymbals that have been purchased from there and they're a wonderful resource for musicians in our local DC Metro area. Located in Beltsville MD,Check them out at the link below.

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