Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Jazz Trios And Quartets


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  •   In the Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area, when your seeking a live jazz band for an event, keep us in mind. You may want clarification as to who we are. Well, we're a jazz trio that can easily become a quartet that has as the star; vocals, vibes, or a cool style horn. The trio's have piano or guitar as the leader. I'm on drums unless an alternative is desired. I'll be keeping things such that our music is something that you can dance too. not only can you, you'll probably have the urge too do so at some point during your event.

     Let me Explaine. We felt that there was a need for jazz with a different sonic balance than much of what we had noticed when attending jazz performances. It's not that the other guy sounds bad but it's more just that we're obsessed with really getting the balance of sound that reaches your ears correct. It's not that our ear is the only one around but then again, we have confidence in what we bring you because of our twenty years experience and dealing with and observing our rich local jazz community.

     So what do we do? Song wise, our music includes tunes made popular by Count Basie, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington and anything else that swings or Latinizes. Anything from the Cole Porter song book is fare game. Anything written by Jerome Kern or Harold Arlen is also likely to find its way in to our repertoire. Show tunes not considered jazz by some; well, we see such thinking as a challenge to show the world how up to date and hip some of those old chestnuts can actually be when done right.. Other music thought to be odd at the time when done right can be quite refreshing.

     There are millions of kinds of jazz out there but, This is the type of  jazz that makes you want to move your body, the kind of music that makes you smile, the kind of music that makes you happy from the ground up and the inside out.. and actually, it's the kind of jazz that people use to dance to a lot more often.

    What you'd get with us is kind of like big band but not completely so. It’s a bit like what they use to call "Cool jazz." and Actually, some of us would say that what we do is, the Real, smooth jazz "". Think of it this way. Our music is to your event what the best dessert is to your mouth.  Our promise is to create something that makes your occasion more fun, and So we are happy to accommodate you as best we can; though we are jazz mostly and other things as needed. Many other bands are the reverse, which is fine but that's just not us.

     It's an honor to be able to say that, We often get complements tips or both because of our musicianship and quality customer service.. IN other words, quality musicianship is not enough as only known and tested musicians are included in our groups. These are people who you can count on to be friendly, and on time, and to have a good attitude no matter what.

    enjoy some music samples, and Learn more or contact us at The Links above any time you wish.

       Though   We have our favorite groups, we know and play with many musicians thus, working with your budget is something that we're always happy to do. generally speaking though, Jazz trios and Quartets range from $400 to $1200, depending on time of the week, year, and many other factors. I discuss this more elsewhere and you can find the link to that below.

    be in touch soon then, so that we can add something musical, special, and fun to your event.