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Up Coming Performances

we specialize in, quality, 'cool' classic live jazz!

Links to our original web site and a performance schedule for myself and events we take part in can be found below. 


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  •      Ian's Calendar:

    this is the schedule for Ian and Ian Dylan Music:

     Friday, 3/9/2017
    8 to 9 PM
    The Inwood House Apartments
    10921 Inwood Ave
    IN the basement dining / rec room
    $5 cover for non residents.
    playing drums for The Sherletta Settles Quartet
    classic R n B with one of our current local faves of  that style

    Past Performances
    playing as part of the Tom Kitchen Quintet.
    Jeffrey Greenberg on keys, Ian Dylan on drums, Mike Kunselman on sax, and Zack Williams on bass., Tom on Guitar.
    this is ajazz jam. thus Musicians who'd like to sit in are invited.
    7 till 11 PM

    Castello’s offers excellent international cuisine and is a great venue for music. It’s located at 5201 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011 (about 3 miles south of downtown Silver Spring).
      supposed to become a regular event.

    7 till 11 PM
    playing again as part of the Tom Kitchen quintet.
    though Friday night is not a jam.
    could become a recurring event.

       past events:

    10 -1:00
    Silver Spring
    the Farmers Market
    Elsworth Ave
    playing with the Tom Kitchen Quartet
    Tom on Guitar

    Sandy Spring Museum
    Sandy Spring MD
    playing w The LoveJoy Group w vocalist Karen Lovejoy

    6:00 to 9:00
    El golfo Restaurant

    Latin American cuisine
    8739 Flower Avenue Silver Spring, Md. 20901
    Phone 301-608-2121
     playing for Vocalists Deborah Thornton and Michelle Hoit
    Wayne Wilentz piano, Wess Biles bass
    this is a tribute to pianist Ron Garry, who many of us played with and have very fond memories of.

    afternoon concert
    German Town MD
    playing at the Peach Harvest Music Fest
    doing classic country w Rodeo Motel

    6 to 9 PM

    El Golfo Restaurant
    8739 flower Ave
    silver spring MD 20901
    301 608-2121
      playing drums for a vocal show case featuring Tess Fererra
    Wayne Wilentz on piano, David Jernigan on bass.

    5:30 - 6:30 PM
    Rockville Md
    Christmas tree lighting.
    playing drums w the Lovejoy Group.
    K Lj on vocals

    11:30 -2:30 Pm
    Gaithersburg Md
    outdoor wine festival
    playing jazz w vocalist Karen Lovejoy
    Emery Digs Bass,Sam Munguia piano, Karen on vocals, and Ian on drums

    El Golfo Restaurant
    8739 Flower Ave
    Silver Spring Md
    7:30 -10:00 pm
    playing drums for Conjer Woman; an old school blues and similar blues band.

    playing drums for The Lovejoy group
    11:30 -2:30 pm
    outdoor festivle
    w vocalist Karen Lovejoy
    Gaithersburg MD
    11:30 - 2:30 Pm

    The Ian Dylan Trio
    w; Cyndy Rice Elliot bass, Paule Rosenberg Piano, Ian D drums
    Elgolfo Restaurant
    8739 Flower Ave
    Silver Spring MD, 20901
    8 - 10Pm

    7:00 to 10:00 PM
    Alexandrea VA
    The Ian Dylan Music Trio, minus drums Plays For, a
    private event

    Silver Spring MD
    8 to 9 Pm
    Playing with The Lovejoy Quartet
    we're the first set for the Inwood Coffeehouse
    Karen on vocals, Ian on Drums

    the new Bussboys And Poets
    in Takoma Park
    7 - 11 pm
    Valentines day with the Bruce Khromer Quartet
    Bruce on claranette and Tenner Sax, Ian on drums

    5:00/7:30 Pm
    Silver Spring Md
    El Golfo Restaurant
    publically available event
    Playing Drums w The Randy Ruff quartet
    Randy on vocals, Wayne Wilentz Piano, David Jernigan bass, Ian on drums

    6:30/10:00 Pm
    Reston VA
    semi private event
    Julie Mack with The Ian Dylan Trio
    Julie vocals, Wayne Wilentz Piano, David Jernigan bass, Ian on drums

    4 to 7:30 PM
    Reston VA
    semi private event
    Julie Mack with The Ian Dylan Trio
    Julie vocals, Wayne Wilentz Piano, David Jernigan bass, Ian on drums

    Birthday Party,  private event
     Arlington VA
    5 to 8 PM
     The Ian Dylan Music quartet
    comprised of
    bass, Guitar, trombone and alto sax

    4 to 6 Pm
    RiverDale Ppark
    playing drums with Tom Alderson's jazz quartet,  Joint venture. Tom on Pedal steel

    6 to 8 PM
    Bethesda MD
    semi private event
    Playing with The Blenn Wiser Trio

    Alexandrea Va
    private event
    The IDM trio
     comprised of
    bass, Guitar, and tennor sax

    Washington DC
    New Years Eve At The Black Cat
    Playing jazz and more w vocalist TONY ANTHONY & HIS MALVIVANTS
     opening for and during Intermission for The Peaches Odell Big Band‎

    7 to 10pM
    Takoma Park/Washington DC
    6914 4th Street NW
    jazz jam at; Takoma Station
    Jazz w The Ian Dylan Quartet
    Ian-drums, Julie Segle-trombone,Rick Eldritch-piano, Sheryl Wilson-bass

    Washington DC
    Gallaudet University
    Private event
    Playing jazz w The Steve Marcus Quartet
    Steve Flute, Shawn Terrell-guitar, Ray Chu-bass:

       4 to 6 Pm
    River Dale Md, The farmer's market
    playing w, a jazz quartet lead by guitarist Tom Alderson

      5 to 8 Pm
      Silver Spring Md
    Out door Private birthday party event w The Christophe Ludet Trio
    Christophe-piano, Ian-Drums, Ray Chu-bass
    9:15 to 10:30pm
    Silver Spring Md 20902
    Semi private event
    Playing w Seth Kibel and Profusion at the Inwood House coffee house
    various artests, before and during
    , Seth on tennor Sax, flute, and clarinette

      Silver Spring Md 20903
    Playing for Takoma Chapel 7:30pm
     Concert Featuring vocalist Ivy Hylton,
    special event, Fundraiser for the chapel;
    Playing with The Takoma Chapel Jazz Band, under the leadership of;Pianist and music minister Michael Tyson

      7 to 9:00pm
      6914 4th Street NW Takoma Park Washington DC
    Takoma Station Tavern
    Special Jazz performance
    , not a regular event:
    This is part of the Takoma Park Pub Crawl, so participants will be bar-hopping is the idea
    Pete Reppert; Piano, Bennie Williams; Bass, Scott Van Domelen sax, Ian on Drums

    Washington DC
    11:30 AM
    Office party w the Brannock Rily quartet
    Jerrad Marks Piano, Bennie Willliams bass, Ian Dylan drums, Brannock Rily Alto sax

    7:30 TO 9:30PM
    The Urban Eats Cafe, 3311 RoadIsland Ave, Mount Rainier MD
    Playing Jazz w The Kim Reynolds quintet
    Kim  on piano, Julie Segal trombone, Karen Brigs on trumpet, David Witaker on bass, Ian D on drums
    no cover charge ; be ready to have fun

    Playing w The Takoma Chapel Jazz Band
    Michael Tyson pianist, Rhonda Jeter vocals, Carla Thomas Bass, Bruce Khromer Clarinette and tennor sax 

    7 to 10:00pm
    House drummer
    Takoma Station Jazz Jam select Tuesday Evenings;
    Takoma Park Md , Washington DC
    no cover charge
    Paul Rosenberg piano, Ed Hrybyk bass, Ian Dylan Drums
    Don Tillary co leading and creating trumpet and vocal fun
    6914 4th street NW

    9:00pm to midnight

    5:00 to 7:00pm
    Chantilly VA
    Private Event business conference,
    The Ian Dylan Trio
    Ian on drums

    11:00 am
    Takoma Chapel
    1000 New Hampshire Ave
    Silver spring MD
    The Mini Center at The National Labor College
    Wonderful service, Playing with their jazz band,Dayton Eckerson tennor sax, Rhonda Jeter Vocals, Mike Tyson Piano, Bob Shan bass

    7:00 to 10:00 PM
    The Dupont Circle Hotel
    Washington DC
    Corpret office party, private event
    The Ian Dylan Quartet
    Randy Ruff vocals, Christian Gonsalis bass, Paul Rosenberg piano, Ian Dylan drums

    5:15 to 6:15 PM
    Washington DC
    Corpret event, office pre holliday party
    w the Charley Schewler Quartet
    Scott Garison guitar, Ian Drums, Charley Schewler Piano, Bennie Williams bass, Mark V Tennor sax

    1:30 to 4:30PM
    Playing at DC Eastern Market
    Washington DC
    W the Kim Reynolds quartet
    Kim piano, Steve Rogers:  sax, Joe Lerner:  bass,

    6:00 to 10:00pm
    business Networking event
    Private home
    Vienna VA
    Ian W the Ian Dylan Trio

    6:00 to 10:00pm
    Silver Spring MD
    private event, house party
    Playing w The Shawn Terrell Tet tet. Shawn on guitar.

    Green Belt MD
    The New Deal Cafe
    music for a wedding w the Greg Meyer Quartet
    Greg tennor sax, Pete Reppert piano, Percy White Bass, Ian Dylan Drums

    7:00 - 10:00 pm
    Bethesda, MD
    Gaffney's Restaurant
    W the Julie Mack quartet
    Dinner performance with Julie Mack Vocals, Paul Bangser (guitar), Steve Scott (bass) and Ian Dylan (drums).

    Washington DC
    holiday Party
    The Ian Dylan Trio plays for a private event

    The Key Bridge Marriot
    Arlington VA
    private event
    Pre Christmas Party
    The Ian Dylan Trio plays classic jazz

    private event
     1 to 5:00pm
    Anapolis MD
    Labor Day bbq
    Ian on drums with, Randy Lema Guitar, and Justin Parrott bass

    Fort Washington MD
    semi private event
    The Ian Dylan Trio
    plays for, the Chocolate Festival at National Golf Club at Tantalon

    Anapolis Md
    wedding reception With The Jeff Roarbach trio
    Jeff piano, Ian Dylan drums, Max Murry Bass

    5 to 9:00pm
    Washington DC
    private event
    surprise Birthday Party
    w the Kevin Jefferson Quartet
    Kevin on trumpet, w Piano and bass

    7:00 to 11:00pm
    Ellingtons On 8th
    Washington DC
    w the Kevin Jefferson trio
    Kevin trumpet and flugle horn, Mike Nicholas piano and left handed bass, Ian Dylan drums

    7 to 11 PM
    Ellingtons On 8th
    Washington DC
    w vocalist Angela Thomson
    Amy Bormet piano, Oliver Albertini bass

    7 to 10 PM
    Jazz at The Extra Virgin Restaurant in Arlington Va
    playing w the Barbara Fakoury Quintet
    Barbara on vocals and Ian on drums

    ; 4:30pm
    playing For the City of Fairfax Verginia, At Fairfax Plaza
    Jazz W The Barbara Fakoury Quintet;
    Barbara on vocals, Ian on drums

    2007, second Sunday in June
     Twelve Noon
    Takoma Park Jazz Fest
    w the Mike Nicholas Quintet
    Mike Nicholas vocals, Muneer Nacer trumpet, John Steel bass, Peter Edelman Piano

    7:00 to 11:00 PM
    The Extra Virgin Restaurant
    Arlington Verginia
    Playing w vocalist Barbara Fakoury and her quartet

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